How to Plan Closets in New Home

How to Plan Closets in New Home

Planning the closet of the new home involves a lot of time and effort. Most women love big closets where they can keep all their clothes, shoe bins, and purses. They want built-in cabinets and a bench. The closet must also plenty of lighting to make them smile. For guys, the closet means having space to hang clothes, room for shoes and small shelf.

That’s one of the considerations to be made on whether there’s a need to build one or two closets in the house. The next thing to consider is whether the closet is inside the bedroom, before the bathroom, or on the other side of the bathroom. The location and the size of the closet depend on the available space in the room.

Big home shows usually have small closet space in the master bedroom. When buying a new home, check the kitchen, the master bathroom and the master closet. Most of them have small closet that you’ll end up building new ones.

Room size and the location differ in every home. Some people don’t need to have large closet space while there are others who are willing to sacrifice free space in favor of a larger closet. Homeowners can choose to have closets in the bedroom and the bathroom separately. But if this is the option you choose, you lose wall space due to additional doors.

If the closet is incorporated in the master bathroom, you should decide which comes first. Decide whether there will be a hallway with a closet on both sides and ends with the bathroom; or the bathroom first and the end is the closet. Having a small hallway will give you room for additional hanging spaces or mirrors.

Going through the bathroom into a walk-in closet is ideal if you are going to share the closet with your spouse or roommate. You can use storage units and gadgets to help you organize your things. Never have a window in a closet. Sunlight can damage your clothes if not covered properly.