Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends

The Kitchen is the place where food is prepared and in many homes, it is incorporated with a dining area where an individual or a family can enjoy their meal.

Now days families spend most of their time in the kitchen living room areas which are often next to each other.

Kitchen designs in the United States and in the Western World overall has been changing as more and more appliances have been added and larger homes have been built. At the same time, since many people still live in older homes with older kitchens which tend to be smaller than the ones in newer homes. Lately there has been a lot of innovation in remodeling them in order to accommodate more people, bigger appliances and give them an impression of more space and also to fit in more appliances in them. Another reason why kitchen designs keep changing is that more and more people are becoming wealthy and thus more picky and very specific about how their kitchens should look.

The majority of them are often inspired by what they see on film and television where professional interior designers showcase the latest kitchen designs. Celebrities have also influenced the latest trends in kitchen design which has lead to many people asking for a kitchen design they saw on a certain tv show.

This is leading to several changes in the designs of the modern American Kitchen. The most popular kitchen design trends are:

  • Kitchen designs are becoming Eco Friendly

Counter topsare being made from recycled materials such as glass. Many appliances found in the Kitchen are now Energy Star rated .From dishwashers to electric cookers, more and more appliances are being manufactured with the intention of reducing the energy bill of the homeowner. LED lighting is quickly replacing other forms of lighting due to their low power consumption and their longevity, saving a lot of dollars in the process.

  • Color contrasting

Many kitchens are no longer painted in the traditional white in the entire room. Some homeowners have become adventurous with the colors they paint their kitchens. Many are using shocking colors which can be quite useful as kitchen appliances tend to stand out from the color of the wall, making them relatively easy to locate. The most popular trend in color contrasting which has been around for quite some time is the use of Black and white in the kitchen. Usually, the integrated appliances, the counter tops and some of the cabinets may be black while the rest of the kitchen is painted white. This kitchen design is yet to lose its appeal amongst the masses.

  • (Almost)Invisible Appliances

American Kitchen designs long integrated the kitchen cooker into the walls of our kitchens. Now other appliances are also  “disappearing” into the walls. Built in fridges and dishwashers are becoming more and more common ,giving the kitchen a spacious feel even though the current appliances are actually bigger and wider than those sold in previous years.

  • Kitchen floors are becoming lighter

At one time, dark espresso floors were the hype in America. That changed as Americans realized that these floors required more maintenance because they showed even the lightest of scratches on their surface. As a result, pale wooden floors are making a comeback with white oak floors being the most popular.

  • Layered Kitchen Lighting

This especially applies to kitchens which are also dining areas. Layered lighting usually brightens or highlights a specific area of the kitchen. This can be useful as important kitchen items and appliances can be kept under chandeliers and pendants ,making them easy to locate. This type of lighting also softens the atmosphere of the kitchen, giving it an intimate feel.